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POLITICS FILE: Gwent councillors give views on proposed mergers

South Wales Argus: POLITICS FILE: Speed bumps on the road to fewer councils?

7:01pm Wednesday 1st October 2014

THE political map of Wales could be on the verge of its biggest shake-up since 1996, with Gwent councillors warning that counties risk being forced to merge with neighbouring authorities.

POLITICS FILE: So far, so good – for a first Nato summit

South Wales Argus: Nato protesters gather outside Newport crown court (9829209)

8:02pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

THE Nato Summit at the Celtic Manor this week is a prime opportunity for protesters to get their political message across.

POLITICS FILE: Jobs scheme hailed success

South Wales Argus: Jobs Growth Wales story.IMPRESSIVE  Blackwood Engineering in Glandwr Industrial Estate has benefitted from JGW funding, where a worker has gained employment through the fund. Pictured on visited to the site is Blaenau Gwent AM, Alun Davies, (centre), flan

6:27pm Wednesday 30th July 2014

THE Jobs Growth Wales scheme has been hailed as one of the Welsh Government’s biggest success stories for both employers and jobseekers since its launch in 2012.

POLITICS FILE: Plans come together for No to Nato Newport protests

South Wales Argus: Newport NATO Summit Logo (7529320)

3:25pm Wednesday 9th July 2014

In the shadow of the preparations for the main summit, a coalition of peace activists are planning protests and other activities to offer an alternative to the defence conference.

POLITICS FILE: Ukraine shapes Newport Nato summit

South Wales Argus: Statement by Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Photo credit: Nato (6896376)

6:11pm Wednesday 11th June 2014

SEPTEMBER’S Nato summit in Newport could have big implications for the future security of Europe with Russia at the top of the agenda. The Argus reports from last week’s defence minister’s meeting that helped set the scene for the event.

POLITICS FILE: Everything you need to know on the EU elections

South Wales Argus: HOME FOR MEPs: The Chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

8:36am Wednesday 14th May 2014

With voters in Wales are heading to the polls who should serve the country as an MEP, the Argus looks at what the parliament does, how the vote works and how Wales benefits from the EU.

POLITICS FILE: Should Newport have a directly elected mayor?

South Wales Argus: Newport lost 3,400 private sector jobs between 2011 and 2012

3:34pm Wednesday 16th April 2014

Should Newport follow Bristol and have its own directly elected mayor?

POLITICS FILE: ‘Planning legislation bid is undemocratic’

South Wales Argus: POLITICS FILE: ‘Planning legislation bid is undemocratic’

6:18pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

Could a proposed new planning system for Wales take major decisions about our local areas away from elected representatives? Politics File looks at the controversy over a new Welsh law.

POLITICS FILE: Euro candidates prepare for election challenge

South Wales Argus: Chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (4080325)

2:53pm Wednesday 19th February 2014

WALES’ main contenders for the European Elections are beginning to set out their stall for the vote on May 22. DAVID DEANS reports.

POLITICS FILE: Review of the year - 2013

South Wales Argus: The demolition of the Chartist mural in Newport (1317500)

4:49pm Wednesday 18th December 2013

As 2013 draws to a close we look at some of the big stories in Gwent politics over the last 12 months.

POLITICS FILE: Newport elects Wales' first British-Somali councillor

South Wales Argus: Councillor Omar Ali, newly elected councillor for Pill (2523203)

2:21pm Wednesday 20th November 2013

AMID calls for more to be done to encourage people from ethnic minority backgrounds to become councillors in Wales, last month voters in one part of Newport elected a man thought to be Wales’ first councillor from a Somali background.

POLITICS FILE: Cut the number of Welsh MPs to 20, says AM

South Wales Argus: CB 10.1.12

11:55am Wednesday 23rd October 2013

STANDFIRST: A Gwent AM has suggested that the number of MPs should be drastically cut amid calls for the Assembly to expand.

POLITICS FILE: Circuit of Wales planner rejects wildlife criticisms

South Wales Argus: SubmittedArtists impression of the proposed Motor Sports centre in Rassau (935366)

1:12pm Wednesday 28th August 2013

In an Argus exclusive one of the men leading the Circuit of Wales development has questioned criticisms over the alleged impact of the project saying the multi-million pound scheme would improve the area.

THE POLITICS FILE: Relief for Brynglas as tunnel plans dropped

South Wales Argus: NOSE TO TAIL: M4 traffic in Newport

3:40pm Wednesday 3rd July 2013

IN THE midst of the news of the resurrection of the M4 Relief Road, campaigners in Newport breathed a sigh of relief that plans to bore a tunnel in the city were ditched.

THE POLITICS FILE: Newport politician squares up for Euro challenge

South Wales Argus: RUNNING FOR ELECTION: Jayne Bryant

4:10pm Wednesday 5th June 2013

A Newport woman has become the first in her party to run for MEP in the city. The Argus finds out more about the build-up to the race for the European Parliament next year.

THE POLITICS FILE: Wheels in motion to promote active living

South Wales Argus: PEDAL POWER: Newport East AM and Welsh Government environment minister John Griffiths

1:40pm Wednesday 8th May 2013

THE AM for Newport East says he wants to make sure everyone in Wales benefits from a better quality of life through sport, culture and the countryside.

POLITICS FILE: Could Silk Commission lead to independent Wales?

South Wales Argus: Assembly helped by gender balance

2:14pm Wednesday 10th April 2013

A Gwent MP says further powers for Welsh AMs would lead to calls for an English Parliament and could see Wales pushed out of the union.

THE POLITICS FILE: Gay marriage - modern love or bid for Tory popularity?

South Wales Argus: CELEBRITY PARTNERSHIP: Elton John and David Furnish were one of the UK’s first gay couples to have a civil partnership. They want to marry.

2:55pm Wednesday 13th February 2013

A GWENT MP said he made a “decision based on his conscience” when he voted against gay marriage.

THE POLITICS FILE: Could city incinerator plan go up in smoke?

South Wales Argus: DELIGHTED: Pippa Bartollotti at a protest in November last year

12:30pm Wednesday 12th December 2012

CAMPAIGNERS against an incinerator in Newport have hailed an Assembly report which calls for a study into the health impacts of living near an incinerator. CAMPAIGNERS have said that the incinerator ship is sinking following an Assembly report that called on the Welsh Government to consider contributing to a major study on the health impacts of incineration.

THE POLITICS FILE: Which side of the Severn does tolls cash belong?

South Wales Argus: SEVERN CROSSINGS: The operating company’s contract ends in 2018

11:10am Wednesday 14th November 2012

Wales’ first minister has said that tolls could be used to improve the M4 – even at Brynglas Tunnels. Today we explore the debate around the future of the crossings. FIRST Minister Carwyn Jones has told the Argus that tolls from the Severn Bridges could be used to invest in improving the M4 – possibly at the infamous Brynglas Tunnels bottleneck.

Change to Euro aid budget could be felt in Wales

South Wales Argus: BUDGET ON AGENDA: Flags flying at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels

3:50pm Wednesday 17th October 2012

WALES is a major beneficiary of European aid but the future of the budget that funds it is currently under negotiation.

THE POLITICS FILE: Can you put a name to the faces of your AMs?

South Wales Argus: PLEA: First Minister Carwyn Jones

2:30pm Wednesday 19th September 2012

AN ARGUS survey has found Gwent people struggle to recognise the man who runs the government of Wales. KEILIGH BAKER and ALEXIA McCALMONT join DAVID DEANS to report. THE MIGHT head up the body that makes decisions that affect every person inWales, but how many people would recognise Carwyn Jones?

THE POLITICS FILE: Benefits reforms – for better or for worse?

South Wales Argus: FIT TO WORK?: Some people claiming incapacity benefit are being moved to jobseekers’ allowance

12:30pm Thursday 26th July 2012

FOR many years if you could not work because of illness or disability you could receive support from the government in the form of incapacity benefit.

POLITICS FILE: New role gives public greater say on policing

South Wales Argus: ON PATROL: The new police and crime commissioner will pubish a five-year plan of police priorities and can hire and fire chief constables

11:38am Wednesday 27th June 2012

It is an election that has yet to capture the imagination of voters, but later this year people in Gwent will pick the first police and crime commissioner. We take a look at what’s involved.

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