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WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Heavy German losses, regiments wiped out

South Wales Argus:

12:00pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

GERMAN losses in that area have been heavy, two German infantry regiments were entirely wiped out near Louvain and in places the German dead were placed breast high.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Thousands of prisoners taken in German retreat

South Wales Argus:

1:42pm Monday 15th September 2014

Pursuit unexampled and relentlessly maintained

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: German armies in 'position of grave peril'

South Wales Argus:

3:06pm Monday 15th September 2014

With considerable enterprise the newspapers continue to publish maps with the positions of the contending hosts therein, unfortunately for those who study them no two maps agree.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Anglo French forces triumph over great German army

South Wales Argus:

11:00am Saturday 13th September 2014

Demoralised enemy

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Dalai Lama offers service for war effort

South Wales Argus:

5:22pm Thursday 11th September 2014

The rulers of the native states in India have rallied to the defence of the Empire and offered their personal services and the resources of their states for the war. Among them is the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Allies advance continues

South Wales Argus:

4:09pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

The flowing tide

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: 'A great opportunity is slipping by'

South Wales Argus:

4:47pm Tuesday 9th September 2014

HAD the conduct of the campaign been in British hands a smashing and decisive blow would have been struck

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Invaders checked at various points

South Wales Argus:

5:07pm Monday 8th September 2014

Two paragraphs in particular provide unlimited satisfaction “There is no doubt that our men have established a personal ascendancy over the Germans and that they are conscious of the fact that with anything like even numbers, the result would be doubtful.

WW1 ARGUS ARCHIVE: Germans becoming cautious

South Wales Argus:

1:23pm Saturday 6th September 2014

If the latest information available at the the time of writing is to be relied upon, the Germans have at last awakened to the danger menacing them in a north westerly direction, the extent of which hitherto has not been realised.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: New German push on Paris

South Wales Argus:

5:40pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

The great battle

WW1 ARGUS ARCHIVE: 'Desperate' battle at Mons

South Wales Argus:

10:09pm Monday 1st September 2014

The battle began at Mons on Sunday, during which day and part of the night the Germans attack, which was stubbornly pressed and repeated, was completely checked on the British front.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: British fleet's fine achievement

South Wales Argus:

3:10pm Saturday 30th August 2014

Fresh leaves for Britain's laurels

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Tribute to Belgium's 'heroic resistance'

South Wales Argus:

2:32pm Friday 29th August 2014

The Prime Minister conveyed the sympathy of the House to the King of Belgium and his army and people for their heroic resistance.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Anglo-French lines pull back

South Wales Argus:

4:22pm Thursday 28th August 2014

The delay in resuming the fighting, although the interval was not of long duration, sufficiently indicates the shaking up that has been given to the invincible army.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: British losses 'considerable'

South Wales Argus:

12:49pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

A vigorous offensive may yet be resumed. The British casualties are estimated to excess 2,000 and we may have to go back to the Crimean war to find that number exceeded in one battle.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: British losses 'not heavy' from first battles

South Wales Argus:

3:06pm Tuesday 26th August 2014

MUCH, perhaps everything depends on the next few days.

GWENT'S GREAT WAR: The men who took the fight to the skies

South Wales Argus: A DH4, like that which Leslie Simmonds and James Glendinning flew in. (8678803)

4:59pm Tuesday 26th August 2014

AS the war on the Western Front became bogged down in the horror of trench warfare, many sought to escape the stalemate only to find a different kind of terror in the air.

First Minister Carwyn Jones unveils First World War memorial in Flanders

South Wales Argus: (4693160)

12:18am Saturday 16th August 2014

First Minister, Carwyn Jones, will today travel to the village of Langemark in Belgium to unveil a new memorial dedicated to all those from Wales who took part in the First World War.

WW1 ARGUS ARCHIVE: Argus to publish special 'war editions'

10:49am Saturday 9th August 2014

A brilliant victory

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: 130 lost as HMS Amphion sunk

South Wales Argus:

2:29pm Friday 8th August 2014

His Majesty’s ship Amphion sank this morning after striking a mine. Paymaster CD Gedge and 130 men lost, Captain and 16 officers and135 men saved.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Belgium puts up magnificent fight

South Wales Argus:

5:08pm Thursday 7th August 2014

The Belgians despite such short time at their disposal to make preparations for repelling the German invasion have shown qualities of heroism and military resource greater than perhaps had been credited to them.

GWENT'S GREAT WAR: Honoured for bravery in the face of the enemy

South Wales Argus: Nancy Brewer of West Street, Newport was a volunteer nurse who with the French Red Cross on the Western Frontand. She was awarded the Médaille de la Reconnaissance Française. (8480192)

11:44am Thursday 7th August 2014

ALTHOUGH John Williams was to be Gwent's only VC of the war, there were hundreds of others who earned medals for their gallantry.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Germans 'astonished' at stiff Belgian fight

South Wales Argus:

10:26am Wednesday 6th August 2014

A wounded German officer who was captured expressed astonishment at the resistance the Germans were finding in Belgium as they had been assured in Berlin that no opposition would be encountered in Belgium.

Pontypool soldier’s war memories on TV

South Wales Argus:

9:33am Wednesday 6th August 2014

AN extract from a Pontypool soldier's vivid account of the First World War was given pride of place in television coverage of the centenary events.

GWENT'S GREAT WAR: The war horsemen who rode to battle

South Wales Argus:

3:23pm Wednesday 6th August 2014

THE FIRST World War may have seen the aircraft, the tank and the machine gun established as weapons, but older ways of waging war persisted.

GWENT'S GREAT WAR: Newport Transport remembers fallen staff

South Wales Argus: The decorated WW1 buses at Newport Transport (8811224)

2:26pm Wednesday 6th August 2014

DURING the First World War five Newport Corporation Transport staff enlisted and gave their lives to defend the way of life we now all enjoy freely.

GWENT'S GREAT WAR: The Gwent miners who tunnelled to destroy the German lines

South Wales Argus: The James Herbert Spencer bell at St Margarets Church in Blackwood (8847041)

2:22pm Wednesday 6th August 2014

When the verger of St Margaret's church in Blackwood, George Glastonbury, rings its bell each Sunday, there is one soldier in particular for whom it tolls.

GWENT'S GREAT WAR: The war that changed Gwent families’ lives forever

South Wales Argus: OFF TO WAR: Soldiers marching through Abergavenny in 1914.

2:20pm Wednesday 6th August 2014

WITH the centenary of the start of the First World War being marked this week, KEILIGH BAKER looks at how Monmouthshire residents were affected and speaks to relatives of those who served for their country.

GWENT'S GREAT WAR: The sportsmen who served at the front

South Wales Argus:

2:39pm Wednesday 6th August 2014

THE qualities which make a man vital on a sports field are those which will single him out on a field of battle. Courage, fitness, bravery, leadership are as useful to a XV or an eleven as to a company, writes Martin Wade.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: The die is cast - Britain declares war

South Wales Argus:

2:32pm Tuesday 5th August 2014

A British ultimatum to Germany demanding that the neutrality of Belgium should be respected was summarily and brusquely rejected

Ceremonies mark First World War

South Wales Argus: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will be at a ceremony at St Symphorien military cemetery near Mons

8:10am Monday 4th August 2014

Royalty, political leaders and families of the fallen will unite in Belgium and the UK today in marking 100 years since Britain entered the First World War.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: The Great War - Germany attacks France

South Wales Argus:

10:50am Monday 4th August 2014

It is evident that Germany’s preparations were in a more advanced state than was previously announced, France was attacked without a formal declaration of war.

First Minister marks First World War 'defining moment'

10:08am Monday 4th August 2014

FIRST minister, Carwyn Jones, will be joining dignitaries across Wales to mark the centenary of the beginning of the First World War today.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Britain on verge of war

South Wales Argus: Residents face new battle over Abertillery beauty spot

8:00am Saturday 2nd August 2014

Germany is alleged to have sent an ultimatum to Russia and also to France.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Belgrade occupied?

South Wales Argus:

5:20pm Friday 1st August 2014

A rumour has occurred that Belgrade is already occupied, the occupation from a military point of view will be no achievement.

Newport buses mark First World War

South Wales Argus: The decorated WW1 buses at Newport Transport. Pictured in the line-up from (lt), Councillor Chris Evans, Peter Hall, Newport Mayor Councillor Matthew Evans, Scott Pearson, managing director, Councillor Herbert Thomas, Chairman of Newport Transport (881159

6:42am Friday 1st August 2014

DURING the First World War, five Newport Corporation Transport staff enlisted and gave their lives to defend the way of life we now all enjoy freely.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Mediation a failure - Austria and Serbia at war

South Wales Argus:

10:24am Thursday 31st July 2014

As was promptly announced in the South Wales Argus last evening, Austria-Hungary have taken the step which all who have followed continental affairs feared for weeks.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Great Powers prepare for war

South Wales Argus:

5:28pm Wednesday 30th July 2014

Great Powers prepare for war as peace efforts are continuing

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: 'If dispute remains local, Britain will not interfere'

South Wales Argus:

3:13pm Tuesday 29th July 2014

Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary said that as long as the dispute was one between Austria and Serbia alone Great Britain would not interfere but the moment another Power became involved the position would be critical.

Museum reveals Blaenavon’s war stories

6:05pm Monday 28th July 2014

THIS summer marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and as part of the centenary commemorations, The Blaenavon Community Heritage Museum has been awarded funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to research and write a history of Blaenavon and its people during the war years.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Four killed as troops fire on Dublin rioters

South Wales Argus:

3:30pm Friday 25th July 2014

An appalling sequel to a successful gun running exploit by the Irish volunteers at Howth some ten miles from the capital occurred.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Chances of peace have gone

South Wales Argus:

5:49pm Friday 25th July 2014

Two chances of peace have gone. Serbia might have submitted entirely, alternatively Austria Hungary might have accepted Serbia's qualified surrender.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: War spirit in Austria

South Wales Argus:

4:56pm Thursday 24th July 2014

The people of Vienna are looking forward to today’s decision of Serbia on the question of peace or war with great composure. No sign of nervousness is noticeable.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Fears Balkan dispute could become European conflict

South Wales Argus:

10:24am Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Echo de Paris States that the German Ambassador called on the Foreign Affairs minister and the communication transformed the Austro Serbian dispute into a European diplomatic conflict.

Newport remembers the First World War

South Wales Argus: Send The Westmorland Gazette your stories from the First World War

3:33pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

NEWPORT will be commemorating the 100 anniversary of the First World War with an array of events and ceremonies.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: War clouds overhang Europe

South Wales Argus:

2:10pm Monday 21st July 2014

Once more the war clouds overhang Europe as the result of the Austro-Hungarian note to Serbia.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Serbian anxiety to be friendly Vienna

South Wales Argus:

4:45pm Friday 18th July 2014

The Serbian government will do everything possible to improve the unfavourable situation caused by the Sarajevo murders so that the whole Serbian action may not suffer for the deed of an individual of probably abnormal mental condition.

Caldicot event to remember First World War

3:11pm Thursday 17th July 2014

CALDICOT library will host a free community event on August 4 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Britain’s entry into the First World War.

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: King intervenes in Ireland crisis

South Wales Argus:

11:51am Thursday 17th July 2014

"For months we have watched with deep misgivings the course of events in Ireland."

WWI ARGUS ARCHIVE: Lloyd George's warning over Ireland

South Wales Argus:

4:03pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

Should there be civil strife in that land when the industrial here is maturing the situation will be the gravest with which any Government in this country has had to deal for centuries.

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