IT SEEMS rather odd that we read all these articles recently saying that crime has dropped significantly in Gwent. Yet a large number of people you speak to in and around Gwent will tell you that in most areas crime has actually increased, particularly murder, burglary, violence, drugs and theft from cars.

Could it be possible, as has been claimed by some people, that the crime figures are being manipulated, and to such an extent that the statistics declared are what they want the people of Gwent to believe, and not what actually happens? Perhaps an independent police commissioner in Gwent cannot come soon enough. It is very worrying for all, that the fabric of our society seems to be crumbling, particularly in the institutions like the police, who at one time were held in high esteem and trust. Honesty is no longer the hallmark of our society, and it saddens me to think that Gwent Constabulary are travelling down a very rocky and uncertain road.

D.J. Pritchard, Rowan Way, Newport