IS Monmouthshire County Council deliberately trying to make Abergavenny a ghost town?

People are not going to spend time shopping around town once they have done the weekly shopping. With these stores imposing a limited amount of parking time, they will head home. A supermarket is only going to increase the traffic congestion that is already causing gridlock with a major trunk road running through the town. It’s about time this council started exercising a bit of common sense, unless of course there is more to this than meets the eye and there is something sinister going on. A supermarket for weekly shopping should be closer to easy access main roads, as in Cwmbran. But this is perhaps far too complicated for council cabinet members to understand. When all the shops in the town are boarded up and tumbleweed is blowing down the main street, then we should remind this bunch of incompetent buffoons who are responsible for this act of vandalism in Abergavenny.

Abergavenny has been a vibrant tourist market town for many years: why ruin it now?

Wayne Roberts, School Crescent, Pontypool