I COMPLETELY agree with Mr K R Willavise’s comments in his letter on  November 7.

The mini roundabout on Elm Drive/ Cotswold Way was in fact part of the Welsh Assembly’s ‘Safer Routes to School’ project. Few, if any, will agree that the title of this project has reached its objective.
Also, part of this scheme was the creation of a further mini-roundabout at the entrance to Risca Comprehensive School on Pontymason Lane.
In separate developments, new mini-roundabouts were created on Mill Street and Holly Road.
Having made considerable representation to the Highway Department over very many months and with support from the two MPs over this period, the Highways Department would not recognise and accept the dangers they had created.
Mr Willavise, you are not alone in your thinking. However, we are almost solitary in that, as usual, too few have made any effort other than grumble to correct these inappropriate and dangerous traffic features. I will willingly let you have copies of my correspondence.
Nigel Pearce,
Pentland Close,