I HAVE just read the paper (November 22) and in all honesty, I am amazed at the claims made by ex-councillor Carmel Townsend.

The outcry that you ask for, Carmel, is loud and clear.

You and your husband Ed Townsend were both councillors during 2008-12 and in the four years that the Tories and LibDems had control of the council, you plunged Newport into millions of pounds of debt that will take years to clear.

There will be cuts right across the board to try and repay what you borrowed – and for what?

Our city centre was already like a ghost town, thanks to the mismanagement of your administration.

Newport is in dire straits and given that Labour took control back from you and your ilk seven months ago and, given the mess and the debt you left behind, it is hardly fair to expect four years of your mistakes to be rectified so soon.

Carmel, the impossible can be done in a few months, but miracles will take a lot longer!

Dave Hargrieves, Parry Drive, Newport