RECENTLY, nationalist attack dogs have been demanding answers from the Labour Party on Caerphilly Council, on a range of subjects.

Hold on a minute!! Are these the same nationalists who ignored my observations regarding them wasting millions of pounds, when demanding the enforcement of the dying Welsh language? Messrs Nutt, Pritchard and co are very fond of expecting answers from those they disagree with, but ignore those who ask them for answers? Before they claim I am just a mouthpiece for Labour, I would point out I bow to no-one, when it comes to highlighting what I believe are Labour’s failings. (And yes I have done so in letters to the Argus!!). I have been aware for years that the nationalists have a policy of never answering or giving explanations to criticisms. Before they ask, it was a long-serving Plaid councillor who told me this. It follows the adage ‘Never explain - Never apologise’. If they do not have the courage of their convictions, they should not have the brass neck to question those of other parties.

Len Price Manor Park Newbridge