THANKS for an excellent website, keeping us up to date on a day when the newsagent was unreachable!

I am sure that many in the area of Caerphilly County Borough Council will welcome the news that the Chief Executive “will see his pay go up from £131,645 to £137,000, where it will stay for the remaining four years of the Labour party’s term, ” – a much-reduced figure. Further, in that article it was reported “The remuneration panel was disbanded last night and all future pay discussions will now be taken by the full council.” Would it not have been wise and more acceptable, to those who provide this money - the constituents, to have taken this course in the first place? Labour must learn and take note of the punishing vote Plaid received in the former Islwyn areas at the last election. The electorate is fundamentally improving its political memory, albeit there are those who still have a stubbornly inaccurate and selective recall. Oh yes, and what about the other senior staff who “had pay hikes of up to 20 per cent.”?

Nigel Pearce Pentland Close Risca