WHILE retaining a high level of respect for many of our local councillors, I am getting rather frustrated – like many others – of constantly reading the incessant squabbling and somewhat childish exchange of correspondence regarding the site (or otherwise) of the ‘Morrisons’ store in Blackwood Gate.

I accept that all parties concerned have an opinion. However, surely mature, experienced and sensible people such as Messrs: Dix, Pritchard, Saralis and Co can direct their obvious energies to many of the other problems affecting our county borough – without constantly beating what appears to be a dead horse, in order to gain ‘brownie points’ in the eyes of the electorate. Is it not time to move on? The unfortunate enforced closure of Blackwood Police Social Club (featured in a previous edition of the Argus), which affected a great many of Caerphilly rate payers, could have benefited from such vitriolic energy and support.

David Davies Mandeville Rd Blackwood