Bob Wellington, Torfaen, is the Chairman of the ‘Newly Created City Regions’. (SWA, February 1). May I ask a few questions?

What city is he chairman of? I can only think of one, two at a push; and what experience has he in running a city when his current record in Torfaen, (take Pontypool and Blaenavon for example) is so obviously out of his control. How much is the pay for this chairmanship, what are the proposed expenses, what cities, and in what countries are he and his cohorts proposing to visit to “fact-find”? Who decided he was “the right person for the job”? Will it have any impact on his Torfaen duties when he is not available? If the answer is his deputy, then dispose of Mr Wellingtons’ current position, award it to his deputy and save Torfaen council his wage. Then he can concentrate full- time on his new position.

Dave McCullough Lliswerry Drive Cwmbran