DEAR Mr Plaisted. How sorry I was to read about your disappointment with the bill to “redefine marriage”.

It’s such a shame that these despicable people are allowed to ruin what is a sacred institution “between one man and one woman”. It’s as if they don’t even care about the beliefs of others, or the fact that they are ruining the idea of family life. I am, of course, extracting the Michael. To call it “untold damage” is taking it a step too far, don’t you think? So what? If two people love each other, don’t they have the right to express that love in a formal (and legal) way? As for “the message it is sending to our children”... I, for one, will be proud to raise my child in a world where equal opportunities are not only promoted, but enforced.

Kirsty Benham Park Road, Risca