I READ with interest the announcement of the creation of the new quango, the city regions organisation. In this time for austerity, do we want or need this group? Can we afford it? What is the purse set aside to fund it? And whose purse is it coming from? If it is the public purse, then this is clearly another ‘jobs for the boys’ set-up. Typical of our Labour administration, who trumpeted loud and clear that we would be having a bonfire of all the quangos. But what happened? How many did we get rid of? And how many have been created since Labour has been in power at the Assembly?

I can’t see much of a future for this group with Bob Wellington from Torfaen (not a city) as chairman and Russell Greenway from Cardiff as its deputy chairman. But hey ho, who asked us, the taxpayers?

Jean Gray The Wades, Cwmbran