I READ that our European puppet-masters have decreed that the humble tomato should be renamed “Solarium Lycopersicum Linnaeus”.

I wonder how much committee time that took them and at what inconceivable cost to us.

Does our esteemed Welsh Assembly really intend to be led along with this like tame little puppies? Does anyone know? Will anyone confess? I doubt it.

I read in the same issue that hard-pressed food banks all over Newport (and presumably the rest of the country) are to re-open in the new year. Does anyone see anything glaringly wrong in this in the light of the above? Are we really expected to keep on haemorrhaging our hard-earned money to support these Brussels-based time-wasters while we haven’t enough to feed our own children? If this is someone’s idea of a joke, I wonder who’s laughing.

Julian R Powell Larch Grove Newport