THE ROYAL Gwent Hospital has always had its critics and I am one of them. I was due to have a hip replacement in July 2013 and the swabs were mixed up and the operation was due on the consultant’s last day’s work at the Gwent, meaning I had to go, then go through the whole procedure yet again with a different consultant.

I was then given a date and the confirmation phone call but after turning up at the said time at the said ward I was turned away due to no beds being available. I was then turned away due to no beds, seven (7) times in eleven (11) days. I eventually had the operation on the 11th September 11 and was discharged on the 13thSeptember 13 having had a successful hip replacement.

Unfortunately, I was re-admitted on the 17th September 17 due to a stomach complication and had three stomach operations and discharged on the 20th December 20 2013.

The most difficult problem that anybody can experience at the Gwent is getting a bed. Once you obtain a bed you receive excellent nursing and care. If you are fortunate and very lucky to end up on C7 West ward, you will receive the very best consultant, registrar, doctors, nurses assistants, food and drink ladies and cleaners. They are all very professional, dedicated, thoughtful and helpful people.

I have been unfortunate to have been in a Palestinian owned and run private hospital having two (2) life-threatening operations and in a BUPA hospital for two (2) knee replacement operations but C7 West at the Royal Gwent is as good as any if not the very best.

A. Gardner Pontnewydd Cwmbran