IT SADDENS me that the people of Newport continue, due to tribal reasons, to vote for a party that has failed Newport and Wales in every way and not on their record of deliverance while in power.

Wales is now at rock bottom of every performance league table in education, health and the economy. Newport, well, we can all see around us of the demise of a once buoyant town.

Carwyn Jones blames all the ills of Wales on Coalition cuts whilst wasting billions on empire building, a daft novelty language and vanity projects.

Wales has received billions (£6bn) in hand-outs from the EU, enough to have nationalised the Severn Bridge (a key barrier to private enterprise setting up in Wales), improve the road and rail networks and anything else that could attract businesses to Wales.

Every city along the M4 corridor is prosperous from London, Reading, Swindon to Bristol, then bang, you hit the Severn Bridge and it’s like you have flown away to some developing country.

C Bradley Caerleon Road Newport