I’VE READ that Councillor Nigel Dix is accusing Plaid Cymru of being responsible for the appointment of Anthony O’Sullivan, the suspended Chief Executive of Caerphilly CBC.

I would like to question whether the councillor really believes this, or is he trying hard to divert attention away from the very critical remarks where he said that both his local Labour AM and a Labour colleague were “a joke”.

I believe that the appointment decision was made by all 73 members of the council at that time, and that there were around equal numbers of Plaid and Labour, plus some Independents and each councillor had one secret vote.

Does Mr Dix know how everyone voted? Was he there? The procedure seems to have been agreed by the whole council. As for Mr. Dix, he said he didn’t have his glasses on when he pressed the wrong button on his computer.

Also, did he bother to read the council reports at the time of the Chief Executive appointment?

Perhaps he didn’t have his glasses on again! After all, it is said that ignorance is bliss...

David Rees Llanbradach Caerphilly