IN RESPONSE to Mr Jackson’s letter (21.1.14) where he refers to the senior officer pay award at CCBC. When the former Chief Executive retired in 2010 the then Plaid led council decided to appoint a new Chief Executive from within the council.

The Labour opposition argued we should advertise externally for a replacement to allow greater choice, this advice was ignored by Plaid and we were left with two options, Mr O’Sullivan and Mr Barnet. Members were also told appointing from within would save £7,000.

Mr Jackson may not like it, but it was Plaid who refused to allow external candidates to be considered and it was under their leadership a whopping £15,000 pay rise was awarded to the deputy chief executive and it is Plaid’s preferred candidates who are now the subject of a police investigation.

Cllr Nigel Dix Montclaire Avenue Blackwood