MR Ian Johnson holds a post, originally one I did not support and did not want.

Oh, how I have changed my opinion.

The approach he is taking appears to be applying fundamental police principles.

There will be numerous residents in Gwent who opposed the closure of the local police stations. Par for the course, they who chose not to say anything or object to those changes at that time, will no doubt now applaud this move.

Pound for pound, having these facilities open will be one of the best examples of value for money in insurance terms available.

Here is a person of experience who is in a position to put to benefit that knowledge in a practical way. I believe he has been there and experienced the front line.

Is this not an example from which other organisations, public or private might benefit? If someone does not understand a process, how can they organise it or in modern jargon – manage it?

Nigel Pearce Risca