I WONDER how “unfairly” S P Noble (Argus, January 24) thinks Newport Labour-led councils, past and present, have treated Newport and its citizens over decades of arrogance and contempt.

Forty years ago Cwmbran citizens shopped in Newport in great numbers, now Newport shoppers, over many years, have been attracted to much improved and thriving Cwmbran because of Newport.

Labour’s “unfair” treatment of our once popular and busy town. We have lost and suffered too much in Newport, thanks mainly to mistaken decisions by Newport Labour.

To name a few, doomed pedestrianisation of Commercial Street, lack of free parking and including access cut to the excellent and busy Westgate Hote, closed Maindee swimming pool, closed Spytty Skate Park, Newport County exiled from Somerton Park, new(ish) Spytty swimming pool only 25m Olympic standard, paltry bus shelters scattered around Newport. M Most of these “unfair” Newport-Labour decisions took place long before the Newport Coalition’s appearance and Westminster coalition’s savage cutbacks.

Brian Donovan Darlington Court Newport