WHAT a wonderful show of togetherness from politicians both local and national over the job losses at Avana Bakeries, Rogerstone. But criticising Avana for supplying 85% of their output to one major retailer is a bit of a cheek when you consider that thanks to crass political decisions up and down the country, city and town centres have brought in pedestrianisation, road narrowings and ever more parking restrictions. With the result that more shoppers use the large out-of-town supermarkets, the smaller shops close down and only a few “big players” are left on the scene, some of which have their own in-store bakeries; which in turn leaves firms like Avana struggling to find new customers.

Science fiction writers are always predicting that one day, just one government or “corporation” will control our comings and goings; the way things are moving they could be proved right.

Mr. A. Greenhalgh Ross Street Newport