I RECENTLY came across a letter of mine published by the Argus 28 years ago.

A lady had asked a Bible question. Two secularists wrote stating that the Bible was from ancient time and not now relevant. I wrote in using the Bible alone to answer the question. All three letters were polite and objective. There was no sneering and no aggression. One of my favourite pipe dreams has Mr Banfield and myself addressing an assembly giving our opinions of the Bible. No debate, just presentation. I don’t know what he would say but I would relate how the Bible through its 66 books tells a consistent and comprehensive story as it journeys through the ages historically and culturally. I would speak of its inner integrity and show how this has caused many men to write quite wonderful books on its themes. I would speak of its prophecies and fulfilments, and the involvement of such men as Isaac Newton in them. It is in the history books; it cannot be denied. I would also show how easy it is to quote a Bible verse and put an adverse and biased interpretation on it. The reaction I would get? Possibly as in Acts 17:32 - 34. But it would be nice to see Scripture fairly presented.

Tom McCarthy Gaer Park Parade Newport