I REFUTE Mr Deacon’s statement that Torfaen bin men actively avoid emptying bins. Logically not the actions of lazy employees, this makes extra work, knowing they have to return to empty them.

My black box is emptied at approx 7.30am weekly. If this is too early for Mr Deacon to get out of bed, could he 1pm. Put it out the night before, 2pm. Get up at 7am, put box out and back to bed.

Stinking dustbin is easily curable, just wash it out. If rubbish is left after bin has been automatically lifted and tipped into refuse cart, the rubbish must be impacted, washing out will loosen and rubbish will tip out at next collection. Stink gone!

Many council employees’ wages are so low they qualify for top-up tax credits.

Forty years a taxpayer I have few illusions about Torfaen council but I have always regarded my bin men as the best ambassadors for any council. Reliable, helpful and most of all their humour.

Soaked to the skin in the last 10 weeks of atrocious weather, these binmen have been out collecting our rubbish. Likewise our postman, milkman and Argus boy. To be applauded not slated.

Joan Briggs Pontypool