I SYMPATHISE with Mr Deacon of Greenmeadow over his problems with getting his bin emptied.

Torfaen Council appear to have problems within this department which is costing thousands in rectifying their mistakes.

As a result they are blaming the householder for not putting their bins out on time. In most cases the bins are out on time and have been missed by the binmen.

Torfaen are now telling us that they will now not return to empty missed bins due to cost.

Surely, if the bins were emptied when the bin lorry was in the street then they wouldn’t have the expense of returning to empty them.

The other problem is trying to speak to anyone in this department when phoning to report a missed bin.

There is obviously a significant failure in this department and is in need of a good shake-up.

As taxpayers, we expect to get a service that we are paying our taxes for and not being blamed for the incompetency of this council.

In January 2007 (Argus 31/1/2007) the council threatened to fine householder £75 if their bins were overflowing through failing to recycle rubbish. Now may be the time to claim £75 compensation from Torfaen when they fail to provide the services that is costing the council taxpayer so dearly.

Wayne Roberts Sebastopol