CONTRARY to the impression which MP David Davies tries to create, environmentalists base their concerns on the best available scientific evidence and interpret that evidence with a good deal more scrupulousness than right-wing climate-change deniers such as himself.

Climate is an extremely complex topic and we do not have all the information we would like. Nevertheless, the evidence in support of man-made climate change is very strong, much stronger for instance than any evidence which the Coalition has ever brought forward in justification of its reckless policies on the economy, education, the National Health Service or on most other aspects of government.

Green levies, which include subsidies for energy efficiency, amount to just 9% of the average energy bill and since gas, coal and oil will continue to increase in price it makes sense to invest heavily in renewable energy and in energy conservation, but not in nuclear energy which David Davies is so fond of. The government’s agreement to underwrite the £16 billion Hinkley Point nuclear power station will mean consumers paying £92.50 for every megawatt hour of electricity that the plant generates. This figure, which is index linked, is almost twice the current wholesale cost of electricity making it a great deal for the French State-owned company EDF!

Clive Shakesheff Lewis Way Chepstow