BRON Afon Community Housing asked tenants’ opinions last November regarding a new rent policy. We were shown examples of rents paid per week: Bedsit: £79.26 Two bed house: £91.83 Three bed house: £63.14 Four bed house: £73.94 Bron Afon CH explained:”So this means we have someone paying more to live in a two bedroomed house than a four bedroomed house.” So Bron Afon CH were obviously proposing rent should be calculated on the type of property tenants live in. (Also on where tenants live in the borough of Torfaen) As tenants of a two bedroomed house this would mean our rent should be lowered as according to the above example we are paying £10.86 more per week than tenants of a three bedroomed house. This week we were sent a letter stating our rent would be going up by £5.11 per week (£20.44 per month, from £74 to £79.11). As this was part due to a 4.2 per cent WAG policy rise which took our rent to £77.11 I wonder why the additional rise of £2 was added to our rent? Perhaps Bron Afon CH could explain in detail?

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran