TO REPLY to Cllr Kirby, as someone who is currently surviving on the minimum wage and still having to pay my full council tax, I don’t agree with council workers having a living wage. I do disagree with its timing, when Caerphilly council are making cuts of £14.5million. Paying workers £7.65 can’t really be justified. What’s going to happen to the workers currently earning £7.65, will they see a pay rise also to reflect their grade?

Does Cllr Kirby think it fair that people like me on a minimum wage should pay for people to enjoy a living wage? Well we will see how many votes you’ll get at the next council elections. I say pay the living wage to all, not just to a few select, as Caerphilly council has just created regional pay among public sector workers when even Labour’s leaders in London don’t agree with increases in pay within the public sector. During the council meeting Labour acted like the North Korean government. Plaid walked out because the Labour group is just not interested in considering alternatives from other groups. I can see why fellow Councillor Dix made the comments about Cllr Kirby.

Andrew Nutt Heolddu Rd Bargoed