CAN ANY kind person suggest something that I can put on the pavement outside my house to discourage dogs from defecating there? It is a continuous plague.

If it is possible to pick up the mess easily, then I do so and send it down the main drain. But sometimes this is not possible, so at my own expense I cover it with sand so that no one steps on it in the dark.

But I shouldn’t have to! What is it with these people?

Don’t they have the commonsense or consideration to drag these creatures to the gutter when they wish to discharge?

It is obvious that they hold their fellow citizens in contempt, and have no thought for the anger and inconvenience they cause.

Perhaps we could try some new laws.

All dog walkers must keep to the road, or better still, why not a license fee of say, £1,000.

Meantime, can anybody please help?

Tom McCarthy Gaer Park Parade Newport