I WOULD inform Mr Banfield that I wrote in anger, not so much on my own behalf, but on behalf of those who might have been caused distress and inconvenience. He is right – I didn’t even think of the net.

But in his sneering sarcastic response, Mr Banfield has used my letter as an opportunity to have yet another jibe against my Christian faith. This, even for him, is a new low, and to my mind, reveals the unloveliness of his atheistic heart.

When I think of the quiet, gentle, kindly, and meek Christians that I have known and do know, they more than compensate for the likes of Terry Banfield.

They are truly, as Jesus said, the salt of the earth, and it is they who will inherit it when Mr Banfield enters into the nihilistic destiny which he so heartily embraces.

He again speaks of putting his faith in the scientific approach.

Over the years I have drawn his attention to scientists such as professors Newton, Collins, McGrath, Palmer, and many others, all of them theists. Why then does he disregard them and refuse to even consider what they say? I think his present letter gives us the answer.

Tom McCarthy Gaer Park Parade Newport