I was recently awaiting a parcel delivery from a national courier company and had received a text to inform me that the parcel was scheduled for delivery between the hours of 10am and 11am.

I was needing to go out and could not leave before the parcel arrived as a signature was required. Therefore, I was delighted to see the courier vehicle arrive outside my office at 9.40am.

I watched the driver get out of the van, take my parcel out of the rear, place it on the passenger seat and then return to his driver’s seat.

I waited but he didn’t move so I went up to his van window and greeted him.

I thanked him for being timely and mentioned that I was rushing to leave the office but he informed me he could not give me my parcel.

I initially thought he was joking but alas he wasn’t.

Although it was convenient for me that he had arrived before 10am he explained he could not give me my delivery even one minute before 10am. He was very embarrassed but explained he could lose his job if he did, as if I signed for the parcel on his electronic device and the time could be seen as being before 10am he would be in serious trouble.

At 10am precisely he walked up to my door with my parcel.

Have we lost the plot somewhere?

Jo Hume, Director, Allwarm