SORRY, Brian Donovan, but you are not going to drag me into your anti-gang escapade concerning the proposed new houses on part of the Glebelands (25/3).

Why you have mentioned me in your latest letter about the council delay is beyond my comprehension. Again, you are grabbing at straws. I am not the only one who hasn’t put my objection in writing, Brian, and what the heck has it got to do with you anyway?

You forget my original letter was about the recent bad weather, which you used as a ploy to raise the houses issue. Since then, you have continued to blather on about the proposals, how stupid the council is, and how I use ‘colourful, inaccurate, unimpressive language of no real substance’. I regret that I am not as knowledgeable as you, Brian, and will certainly in future seek out your expertise on all matters to do with the council, the community, education, etc. I am sure that your neighbours in Darlington Court are fully behind your many trail-blazing protests, such as pigeons, footpaths, dogs etc. As the self-proclaimed Owain Glendwr of St Julian’s, I look forward to your next rant and insulting letter.

Jim Dyer, Stockton Road, Newport