THE Newport localised version of Monopoly risks devaluing our city’s nascent global reputation. I refer specifically to the proposed ‘Chance’ card forfeit, to fine players for visiting Cardiff. Such a distasteful feature will portray only the worst insecurities and intolerance of local residents.

Councillor Matthew Evans paradoxically claims that this Monopoly edition will “put Newport on the map for positive reasons” while saying expressing that “I particularly like the idea that you go to jail if you visit Cardiff” (Argus, February 27).

What’s there to like about compulsive narrow-mindedness and even jealousy towards our nation’s capital? Surely Newportians would sooner promote a picture of an open society, of a city that wants stronger ties with neighbouring towns, cities, regions and nations overseas. If you want to reach out to the world, don’t cast your neighbours aside. No other local edition (including a 2005 Swansea release and 2009 Cardiff version) featured derisive statements about other towns. Feel threatened by our big sister to the west? If you really are that insecure, then why publicise that city’s name at all? It would be unthinkable for Newport to get a mention on Cardiff’s version of the game.

Gary Alyis, Coedkernew