IN RESPONSE to the letter from C Bradley, Caerleon Road, Newport, it seems that your obvious Tory bias has caused you to attack everything Labour.

Monmouth and Newport are two entirely different types of place. Monmouth is a rather small county town with not that much shopping available, although that which it has is very suitable and attractive to some.

Newport is a larger place (now called a city) which caters for a far bigger population. from the south of Gwent. Cwmbran has another key shopping area which attracts far more trade than Monmouth.

You criticise Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, who actually encouraged the MP for Monmouth to stand for Parliament, and other Labour politicians at city level and the Assembly Government. Newport was governed by parties other than Labour when its so-called demise first started, but you fail to comment upon that period.

Newport is now being redeveloped to compete in the modern world., however Some mistakes have been made such as the debacle of the Chartist mural, but what is more important, keeping a Sixties piece of art work about which many people don’t understand the history anyway? Perhaps at the next council elections, the people of Newport may show how much they agree or disagree with what happened, but to blame all Labour representatives is pushing this a bit far.

Bob Shillabeer, Caldicot