I AGREE with Ann Greasby. If Pippa Bartolotti is quoting that the health benefits of cannabis for cancer patients is well documented, she is being reckless and is misleading vulnerable people.

The research into cannabis derivatives is in its early stages and to establish any possible value as an alternative drug in the relief of extreme pain, not as a cancer treatment drug. The Christie Clinic in Manchester, established this year, has a remit to undertake this research.

Approval to conduct this research and administer the drugs had to be obtained from the UK ethics committee. The consultant in charge is a leading UK authority on pain relief. The clinical research sister has 30 years’ cardiac nursing experience, including three completed cardiac research projects.

Cannabis is certainly no wonder drug and its questionable links with schizophrenia are still unexplained and under-researched — certainly not to be administered except under strict medical control under surveillance.

Joan Briggs Pontypool