EBBW Vale race track? I am all in favour of this project, but I very strongly disagree with the Circuit of Wales seeking money from the public purse to finance what is a private company venture!

1. It is quite clear that this company still refuses to disclose its funding sources.

2. They still do not make it clear if they have got matching common land as required by law.

3. Even the leader of the Labour-led council seemed extremely bemused and wanting as regards the questions asked of him.

4. Circuit of Wales should finance this project themselves, not go with the begging bowl to the Welsh and UK Governments.

It is the voters of Blaenau Gwent and beyond who will have to pay through the nose. The land is owned by the Duke of Beaufort, who stands to make millions from its sale. Blaenau Gwent council is slowly killing the trade in towns of the borough due to a lack of toilet facilities and public health and safety has been forgotten.

Roy Nancarrow Ebbw Vale