ALTHOUGH I agree that there is little more disgusting than dog mess, the measures to tackle the problem need to be practical and discerning. For example, are blind people to be fined for circumstances outside their control?

I am also concerned that high fines should not be used by councils as an easy earner. All income from fines should be ring-fenced to be used for preventative measures such as warning signs and litter bins. I once adopted two dogs left homeless but would no longer consider this, and I wonder how many more dogs will now be put down because of potential costs.

In view of the increasing “zero tolerance” of anything considered at all anti-social, I think local authorities should take more time to fully consult citizens before taking arbitrary measures to keep people “in their place”. In particular, they need to be talking to potential offenders and enlist their support in improving the situation.

Bob Trett Goldcroft Common Caerleon