THE DAY following publication of my letter about the new smaller refuse bins being swallowed along with two others in my street, three out of 12, new ones were delivered to us.

I was told that just in the small area around my home 30 were delivered and was also told that the cost of these bins is about £100 each.

So in what would have been a matter of minutes, possibly £3,000 of council taxpayers’ money went to the landfill site that these bins were supposed to stop happening to encourage more recycling.

And this is just one small area of Newport.

Now perhaps if the bins were made out of recyclable plastic, which they are not, then they may have helped, but in fact they have now added to the ever increasing amount of rubbish put into landfill sites.

Hopefully, but I very much doubt it, someone from Newport City Council will tell us how many of these new bins have been swallowed by the refuse trucks that they were obviously not designed for and how much the cost of them was.

Time will tell whether these were a cost-saving idea when the tonnages of recyclable material is published each year.

Shaun McGuire Mole Close Bettws Newport