IN WHAT is a totally opposite approach to that used with other utilities, THE WAG’s latest madcap idea is to install a water meter for every home in Wales.

Yes, with modern living there are increased numbers of automatic washing machines and dishwashers etc. that could account for the increased demand over recent years and climatic changes in rainfall which are now unpredictable. It is a problem that needs to be solved.

But unlike the money being spent on wind power and fibre broadband to cater for increasing supply demands in power and internet, this proposal is totally the wrong approach, to what is after all a vital requirement for life and will penalise families, although it will ‘protect the poor and vulnerable’ and the way they live.

Invest in replacing the aged water pipes to reduce losses in the distribution network or provide new capacity in existing or new reservoirs. While the proposed policy is designed to deal with increased usage and with the uncertainty over rainfall, the millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money should not be spent on rationing water to consumers but building a system that will cope with our demands.

Dave Fothergill St Julians Ave, Newport