CERTAIN of your correspondents in recent times have been hell bent on trying to divert your readers from the real issue of the Caerphilly council pay scandal.

The reality is that this rise – given to 21 senior officers and agreed by a committee of five people which included four Labour cabinet members – is costing a fortune for the council taxpayers of the county borough.

This year’s extra bill of £267,000 would provide enough money to fill around 6,000 potholes – a big relief to motorists. Alternatively, it could have helped with other issues, such as reducing the increase in charges for many council services or stopping the closure of facilities such as public toilets.

If this wrong situation is allowed to continue the cost up to the next council election will be around £1.5 million plus many millions on other issues such as legal and other fees.

Plaid has never accepted the validity of such payments. In the special meeting we called in January last year we called for these pay rises to be withdrawn. This call has been repeated on many occasions, including twice in council meetings recently.

Labour continues to bury their heads in the sand whilst the taxpayer continues to foot the bill.

Cllr Colin Mann Leader Plaid Cymru Group, Caerphilly County Borough Council