THE BBC once carried an interview with a scientist who declared, that today’s civilisation has moved beyond the need to explain the universe, earth and civilisation in terms of God. In one sense, that is true: our atheistic society attempts to describe existence by excluding any reference to God. Scientists sometimes, in their eagerness to express their latest ideas, can overlook logic and common sense in the same way that advocates of a literal biblical interpretation can stumble towards error. The Big Bang Theory had many supporters, not all of whom can explain how complete nothingness can explode.

These days, some scientists are engaged in trying to prove or disprove a selection of theories related to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is easy to say “I believe and that’s that”, but human beings want concrete evidence even when it is difficult to obtain. Theology and science are poor bedfellows at moments of true mystery, when God alone as the answer. The resurrection makes sense of non-sense, but we cannot devise a scientific explanation of the details. We must wait for eternity to discover how God brought it about. Until then, it is a mystery at the roots of our Christianity.

Norman Plaisted Vivian Road Newport