I REFER to this letter from Nigel Pearce “Poor Driving Conditions” advising drivers to use dipped headlights. The purpose of lights on a vehicle is to mark its presence, and to see with, and should only be used after lighting-up time, or conditions of poor visibility.

They should NOT be used in daylight unless visibility is poor. This is misuse, and wastes energy, contributing to global warming.

Mr Pearce goes on to say he saw a school of motoring car with “running lights” on. Some new cars have this idea and they cannot be switched off easily, maybe this is the case. These are now LED lights, so use less energy; however, it is doubtful whether they serve any useful purpose in daylight.

There is nothing better than a motor car to display a person’s intelligence, personality, and character, when being driven by this person. A report found that 90% of drivers can’t really drive at all, (they have no understanding of controlling a vehicle, etc) and the idiots with their headlights and fog lights on in broad daylight confirm this!

G Davies Cardiff Road Newport