HOW OFTEN have I insisted crossly that “speed kills”? Only to see it said that speed limits should be increased to accommodate faster driving, I have to admit that excessively slow driving can cause accidents too, but even then they are less likely to be fatal.

Today, Thursday, May 8, I’ve seen cars travelling at 80mph on single-carriageway roads with nothing more solid than a painted white line separating them.

I neglected to read properly Sophie Brownson’s Crime File page next to letters in Wednesday’s Argus, May 7. Perhaps because I looked more closely at the photo and headline I took more notice. My initial response had been, Oh yeah, if only! Then on realising that I had just an hour or so earlier witnessed several incidents of obnoxious driving while driving the short distance between Llantrisant, near Usk, and Abergavenny. I thought more deeply about it.

I feel that most of us simply don’t believe that there will ever be sufficient numbers of police cars on the road to stop such driving, the perpetrators often being men old enough and sufficiently well educated to know better, often they drive big expensive cars.

If I had my way they would quickly become a lot wiser and much less wealthy. Why do I get the feeling that successive governments and parties of all colours and persuasions remain afraid to challenge the dreaded fierce motorist, could it be in case they become thought of as driver unfriendly?

Walt Jackson Llantrisant Usk