JULIAN R Powell states that re-enactments of war are merely “games”. Well, he must have a pretty desensitised mindset if he finds enjoyment in people pretending to kill each other!

I dare say such jolly fun could be replicated with other horrendous acts such as car crashes or perhaps rapes?

Caldicot Castle could entice the punters with a re-enactment of a child being run over on a zebra crossing or perhaps a political prisoner being tortured? Maybe some toy manufacturer could produce a waterboarding toy for the kids?

As a species we have two options, we can evolve and cultivate our empathy or we can just accept the violence churned out and inherent in the capitalist system.

(An example of such idiotic compliance was the suggestion that Newport could gain some good business from the visit of NATO!) Brecht’s “Mother Courage” anyone?

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran