I NOTE that at last Welsh Government have admitted it is going to pour £30 million more into the Circuit of Wales white elephant on top of the £2 million already spent on the project.

This does not include further millions because of delay due to the allocation/exchange of common land (South Wales Argus 31/5/14) – possibly in the region of another £10 million. Once again, this does not include more tax-payers money being provided to make up for low wages and part-time work if the project gets under way.

Employees will need to apply for working tax credit, child tax credit and in all probability pension credit adding another £20 million to the bill.

To date then, £60 million will have been spent on a project which will provide less that 600 (not 6,000 as was originally estimated) jobs, which includes the construction of the circuit.

In a previous letter, a straw poll conducted in Ebbw Vale not one of the of the interviewees thought this to be a worthwhile project.

The site itself would be under cloud cover for three to four months of the year and the Heads of the Valley road would become a racetrack with ambulances on permanent stand-by.

Once under way, how long will it be before the consortium demands further millions because of underestimation of costings of the work? The Welsh Government will not then be in a position to refuse.

Furthermore, I must admit I am surprised by the naïveté of Friends of the Earth (FOE) (South Wales Argus 4/6/14) in regards to the non-action of Natural Resources Wales (NRW) in conducting assessment of protected species in the area, bearing in mind the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) was subsumed by the NRW. This is (as was CCW) controlled by the Welsh Government.

Graham Harris Llanellen Abergavenny