THE British Veterinary Association’s warning about the unsuitability of some flea treatments for certain animals is both opportune and timely.

It is at this time of year that the wild Welsh araf is particularly prone to infestation and it would be most inadvisable to provide the wrong treatment. It is my responsibility and indeed that of my mate, Stan, to ensure this does not occur (as per our franchise from the National Assembly).

Realistically (and I use that word prudently), all remedies have proved useless in tackling an itchy araf. Stan and I prefer to take on the task with miniature mallets – difficult given the recipients’ natural invisibility.

Still, it beats trying to fit them with flea collars, even the studded ones provided by Atlantic Wharf.

To be honest, show an araf a flea and it becomes a tussle for supremacy. You have to be swift with the mallet. Evolution becomes dependent on quickness of hand and, my word, you can’t get much quicker than Stan!

Be warned, people of Gorsaf Station, extinction may be on your doorstep and on your conscience.

Julian R Powell Larch Grove Newport