HOW many times recently have we heard that the NHS is in financial difficulties?

Apparently, a nursing union is going to debate whether the British public should be paying for visits to their surgery.

This I would agree with but for the other avenues that should be tried first.

While on holiday in Guernsey with friends, my friend developed an eye problem which required medical attention. Our initial visit was to an opticians whereupon they gave him advice on what treatment to get. They also stated not to go to the local hospital – unless it was an emergency – because it would cost him £500.

I always thought that Jersey and Guernsey were part of the UK? If we have to pay for medical treatment in other countries, including Jersey and Guernsey, how much more should we charge people coming into this country, such as tourists and so on, including those from the countries already mentioned?

The UK is too generous with free medical attention for tourists. Anyone who travels abroad from the UK has to have travel insurance.

Mr M Stafford Gwaun Coed Brackla Bridgend