I SEE that despite his constant pleas of poverty and underfunding from the nasty Coalition, last of the big spenders Carwyn Jones has found another spare few million of Welsh taxpayers’ money to lavish on his latest vanity project, namely having all the Welsh governments websites rebranded from gov.co. uk to . cymru (although what practical purpose this serves to the people of Wales has yet to be explained).

His claim that it will only cost a couple of thousands is about as credible as the WAG itself once the cost of redesigning all the government websites and the vast cost of reprinting all the government literature and pamphlets/posters, of which we know there are lots are taken into account. I just hope all those dying on Welsh NHS waiting lists and having the services in the communities cut will be understanding as our First Minster indulges his expensive passion for nationalism by flinging money around like some football-mad arab.

C Bradley Caerleon Road Newport