ALL over Britain, the bombing of Gaza has brought people out on the streets.

Cardiff city centre held a large rally and a spontaneous march through the main shopping street to protest against the continuing bombardment. News of 150 deaths and 1,000-plus injuries led urgency to the call to stop the slaughter.

We had had a message from the head of Gaza’s Childrens’ Hospital, Dr Mona el Farra, telling us of the desperate situation there. She was forced to leave her bomb damaged home because of the continuing danger.

Many families have now been made homeless, but there are no safe shelters from the bombs. Hospitals and clinics are unable to cope with the number of dead and injured. In response to Mona’s appeal, a collection was made for medical aid.

A young Palestinian woman told us: “My home in Gaza is a prison with no way in or out. Like Israel, do we not have the right to defend our people from daily attacks?

“We have suffered 50 years of military occupation, our land and water stolen, thousands killed and injured or made homeless. But one day, even if it takes another 50 years, Palestine will be free.”

Ray Davies, Vice Chair, CND Cymru