I REFER to the response of the present administration to the atrocities occurring in Palestine. While it would be unrealistic to expect that a collection of English buffoons, currently masquerading as the governance of this island, could ever be able to make any constructive contribution to the situation in Palestine, the sight of the obsequiously servile poodles bowing down to kiss American feet, to phrase it politely, is repugnant and vile.

But then, given that an inordinate number of them appear unashamed to admit to being members of an organisation styling itself ‘The Friends of Israel’, it is scarcely a revelation that they do little, if anything at all, to assert the inalienable rights of the native population of that land.

By the very nature of the manner of their silence, they shame and humiliate every civilised human amongst us.

H Roland ap Watcyn, Griffithstown