I WAS given an informative leaflet from the National Union of Teachers entitled Stand Up For Education in Wales which made five important points regarding more funding, ending banding, etc. There was also a request to stop testing the very youngest pupils which, as a parent of a five year old, I wholeheartedly agree with. By all means, assess children’s work, but don’t put children off reading, writing and maths by making them sit formal tests. Indeed, very young children are being put under too much pressure. Education should be child centred, fun and not formalised by central government or the Welsh Assembly Government. Point 5: a good local school for every community: perhaps Torfaen Council’s superschool proposal which actually closes local community schools against teachers’ and children’s wishes could be rethought? Although, given the council’s grasp of democracy, I doubt this will happen unless we put pressure on them!

Terry Banfield, Cardigan Crescent, Cwmbran