IN David Deans’ and Becky Carr’s article (The Argus, Tuesday, July 15) it was stated that Mr David Jones, the outgoing Welsh Secretary, defended the Nato summit logo, saying that Newport wasn’t missing from it, “Newport Transporter Bridge is an integral part of the logo. (We) were always clear from the outset that this was Wales’s opportunity to be in the spotlight”. What a load of slimy, weasel-worded rubbish. As The Argus described the logo – it was pathetic. Had we not been been told, very few people in Wales and the rest of the UK would have had a clue what the logo represented. The so-called official logo was obviously designed by some incompetent jobsworth - probably at the behest of some equally incompetent, self-serving jobsworth from the “Cardiff Taffia”. The logo should have shown the Welsh flag (representing Wales), the Newport coat of arms (the host city), and the Nato symbol. Newport Transporter Bridge is one of 12 other transporter bridges in Nato countries (six in Europe, six in the USA).

Brian Hayes, Clearwell Court, Bassaleg